Water prospection 
Water is an item of highest prominence, which is basic for human beings as well as for animals, constituting the most necessary feature for sustainment. Similarly water is the most important component for vegetation.
If water is extracted from greater depths, empirical knowledge shows that quality and purity are higher compared to wells with minor depth.
It is a fact that there are rays and radiations, for example rays of sunshine, rays of heat, infrared and UV-rays, Radio- and TV-rays, Radar-rays, but also the cosmic radiation.
For water prospection earth rays are decisive, they show subterranean flowing water veins (chasms).
The human ability to feel earth rays is called sensibility. Some people are able to detect radiations with the help of a dowsing rod and a pendulum. This field is called radiesthesia.
or Radiesthesia
is an inborn gift, which cannot simply be learned. While prospecting water, subterranean water veins (chasms) are detected with the help of a dowsing rod or a pendulum. The human ability to feel earth rays is called Sensibility.

Licensed dowser: 

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Well and geothermal drillings Ltd. carries out exploratory drillings to detect water on the basis of geologic and hydro geologic expert assessments in order to prospect water resources. Furthermore the company executes exploratory drillings on the basis of the prospections of the licensed dowser and owner of the company, Walter Reiter. However, the company asks for your understanding, that we cannot assume liability or warranty for the deposit of water as well as the quantity and quality of the discovered water. The same is true for the assumption of an anticipated drilling depth; these specifications are based on tentative assumptions.
In the last years prospections were carried out by well and geothermal drillings Ltd. in
  • Italy
  • the Czech Republic
  • the Slovak Republic
  • Germany (Bavaria)
  • in Hungary
  • Rumania
  • and the Ukraine.
These Prospections have all been successful. The Company is prepared to carry out water prospections in other continents and to deliver necessary equipment for drillings.
The company has implemented numerous prospections in Austria.

Lower Austria

The company could gain broad experience in the Austrian Regions of Waldviertel, Weinviertel, in the prealpine lands, such as in the Ötscher-, Rax- and Annaberg Region.

In these Regions extremely successful and unparalleled drillings with depths up to 100 meters with large quantities of water have been implemented by the company. Thus the municipalities have been able to reinstall their water supply.

Water prospections have been carried out by the company for a number of mountain cabins and alpine lodges. Even in cases in which the search for water had already been given up, the company´s prospections have been successful and drinking water has been detected in depths of 40 to 60 meters.

For many years the company has undertaken water prospections on behalf of the Administration of the Federal State Government of Lower Austria for municipalities and cities. The collaboration of the company in a project which has led to the detection of a thermal spring in the Rax area has been a big succes.


On the glacier of Hintertux, sea level approximately 3070 meters, near the mountain lodge Tuxer Jochhaus (2260 m) and near the mountain lodge Rauth Hütte (1670m) water prospections have been carried out and two successful drillings with a depth of 50 to 65 m have been made.

Gletscherhütte - Hintertux

Furthermore successful prospections at the glacier of Stubai have been implemented by Well and geothermal drillings Ltd. They have led to the detection of water.


In Carinthia a number of mountain lodges in the area of Greifenburg-Gaugen (sea level about 1700 m) have been supplied abundantly with drinking water based on the prospections and drillings of Well and geothermal drillings Ltd. with a depth of about 50 to 60 meters. Each water deposit has been made accessible with only one drilling.

Furthermore water prospections have been executed by Well and geothermal drillings Ltd. in the areas of Klagenfurt and Velden. Tennis courts and sports facilities in extremely dry areas can be irrigated and watered now in summer.

These drillings have been prospected with a depth of 35 to 40 meters and the desired success has occurred. In the area of the Gurktaler alps water prospections have been carried out carried out by Well and geothermal drillings Ltd. As an example: in Sirnitz drinking water has been detected in a depth of 75 meters.

The most joyous and highly successful event in the history of the company water prospections near: the Dome of Gurk

The company Well and geothermal drillings Ltd. had the honour to carry out water prospections and Mr. Reiter, the owner, has prognosticated water in a depth of 25 to 30 meters. The drilling has been implemented immediately after the prospection and a huge well with a yield of 200 to 300 l/min drinking water has been detected, One of the highlights in the history of the company.