Well rehabilitation

Drinking water wells have to be constructed according to the Austrian water act and the legislation concerning water supply. A drinking water well has to be covered impermeably and to protrude at least 30 cm from the soil. On the well cover a ventilation has to be installed. On the inside a fly screen has to be attached. This is necessary, so that flies, worms and other pests are prevented from intruding into the well. If a fly screen is missing, toxic germs can be inserted into the well.

Wells have to be protected from toxic fluids such as sewage, slurry and manure deposits. When constructing a new well attention has to be paid to not locating it in a ditch or draw, Since there is danger that toxic water can intrude into the well. We refer to the building code and the acts on structural engineering.

Every owner of a well is advised to have the well inspected or controlled twice a year.