Geothermal energy
alternative energy – geothermal energy

The company is licenced to carry out geothermal deep drillings for heating purposes of every type (industry, public facilities, private households)

We are specialized in this field and our powerful equipment and experienced team make sure to execute the drillings as quick as possible – for the benefit of our customers.

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There are different systems for the use of geothermics
  • Heating
  • Hot water preparation
  • Cooling of residential houses and other facilities
Geothermics is independant from the development of prices of solid, liquid or gassy fuels
  • Expenseless form of energy consumption
  • Environment friendly

of great importance is the recirculation of the cooled down water into the subsoil in order not to change the water balance.

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Deep drillings for use of geothermal energy 

Three basic systems can be distinguished in the field of geothermal heating systems.

1. Three basic systems can be distinguished in the field of geothermal heating systems. 

A prerequisite is the availability of sufficient groundwater. (gravelly soils besides rivers)

2. Geothermal earthtubes

This system is applied, where primary rock underground is prevailing. The advantage is that the tubes with the recuperator work in a closed system and merely the geothermal energy is extracted.

With these 2 Systems energy costs are lowest and the premises can be used for other purposes.

3.  Geothermal Energy – area installation

Pipes are installed in a depth of 1.00 to 1.40 meters, a disadvantage can be that the plot used for the area installation is of limited use for other applications.